Once upon a time, in a small town, a cat came from a faraway land. She was cute and fluffy, and people called her Kitty. At night, Kitty came into people's houses to eat.

Day after day, week after week, more and more people became worried about her behavior.

One day, people from all over the town gathered and decided to catch Kitty.

That night, Kitty went out to find food and didn't suspect a thing. She saw a house and thought, "meow, they must have fresh milk." After trying to get the milk, she fell into the cage.

In the morning, people gathered and decided to hang a tinkling bell around her neck. When Kitty moved, the bell sounded, "ting, ting, ting."

Kitty went out again at night, but now she had nothing. People hid their food when they heard the bell ring.

When a girl named Lulu saw that Kitty was hungry and sad, she thought of taking care of her and making her a pet.

Lulu fed Kitty every day and gave her milk. At first, Kitty was afraid, but after a while, she enjoyed Lily's company and began to follow her all over town.

Everywhere they went, people heard the ringing and hid the food out of fear, but after a while, they saw Kitty change and began to be friendly to her.

Kitty loved Lulu so much that she decided never to go to other houses uninvited again.

From that moment on, everyone tells the story of the friendship between a little girl and her dear cat.

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